Swimming pools | Build and maintenance | Complete guide 2020


In recent years, private residential swimming pools have become quite popular in Israel. If you’ve always wanted your own swimming pool in your backyard, now is the time to consider investing in one. A swimming pool is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property, and a fantastic selling point, if ever you decide to sell your home in the future. 

In the past, people in Israel did not bother too much with residential swimming pools, partly due to the high costs of importation, installation, and maintenance, and also due to the complex application for obtaining permission to build a pool. However, LuxePool simplifies the process. 

Types of Swimming Pools

At LuxePool, we import and install a variety of private swimming pools, including fibreglass pools, Jacuzzis, spa systems, saunas, concrete pools, mosaic swimming pools, natural above-ground concrete pools, pool lighting, panel pools, solar-heated pools, vinyl-lining pools, and other related products. And we’re proud to announce that a private residential swimming pool is no longer a luxury afforded only by the most wealthy. As new products and technology is introduced into the market, you can now also enjoy a refreshing dip in your backyard pool on a hot summer day. 

Above-ground pools are relatively inexpensive. Manufactured using a vinyl-coated metal, these smaller pools are ideal for smaller lots, and approximately half the price of a sunken pool. It is against the law to construct sunken pools on properties below a certain size. Regulations are simpler for above-ground pools.

Sunken pools are usually round or oval in shape, and range in size from 3.6 to 10 meters. If your backyard meets the sizing regulations, it is an attractive option indeed. Installing a sunken pool is a more complex matter, as it requires construction, which in turn starts with detailed planning. It can take as much as six months to obtain a permit. 

Sunken pools offer more flexibility. We can build a swimming pool that matches your home’s building style impeccably. Whether you opt for a natural rock swimming pool, a fiberglass pool, or a concrete pool with mosaic or ceramic cladding. We also design and install panel swimming pools that use polymer technology construction. These pools are created using hardened PVC that helps protect your pool from a range of weather hazards. 

In addition to the actual swimming pool, we also supply and install machine rooms and provide you with the accessories you need to keep your swimming pool safe, clean and enjoyable. 

Professional consultants at LuxePool can help you determine which type of pool would be the best decision based on your:

  • Budget
  • Property specifications
  • Time-line
  • Style preferences
  • Maintenance requirements

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a crucial step in summer and winter alike. You could hire a pool maintenance company to handle it, or you could learn this valuable do-it-yourself task. Some aspects of pool maintenance include:

pH and chlorine levels – These should be tested weekly in summer and biweekly in winter. You can purchase test kits in supermarkets, pool shops, hardware stores, or online. 

Brushing – You must use a special brush to remove algae from the sides of the pool.

Leaf net – A specialised net is used to remove leaves and other debris from the pool. 

The pool brush and leaf net often come in a kit with a telescopic pole which you can use to extend the pole and reach otherwise hard-to-reach areas. In addition, you should own a hose to draw the dirt out of the pool during routine cleaning exercises. 

If you have a sunken pool, you need an automatic salt dispenser. This device is installed in the pump housing, and is used to automatically add chlorine to the water. Without this, you would have to use a chlorinator, which works out much more costly.

Environmentalists use Aqua Soft filters in their pools to save on both energy, water, and chemicals. This filter prevents lime from separating from the water, ensuring slower evaporation and reducing the amount of chlorine needed by about 30% while using less energy to heat the water. 

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming pool safety is another crucial aspect of pool ownership on your private property, especially if you live with or entertain young children. Modern pool covers can be operated by electricity and wifi to ensure your family’s safety. Speak to your LuxePool consultant about the best options for your pool. 

Do you sometimes wish you could take a dip in the pool on a warm autumn day? The good news is that a solar pool cover can transfer sunlight into the pool, increasing the water heating process. That means that you get to enjoy your pool for longer. A solar pool cover will also help prevent water (and therefore, money!) from evaporating during the hot summer days. 

LuxePool Swimming Pool Installation

A swimming pool is a long-term investment in your property, recreation and health. That’s why it is important to discuss your requirements with a professional who can provide adequate guidance and planning services. We will ensure that the correct permits are applied for and obtained before we install the pool. Due to our reputation of professionalism and working relationships with planning committees, this process is fast tracked in most cases. 

The professional team at LuxePool can guide you through the process of choosing, installing and maintaining your residential swimming pool. We are committed to providing solutions that meet your requirements while adhering to building codes, and are environmentally friendly.